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Concordia Programs is a small company - a one woman company. Scottie Fredrickson started the process of creation in Miami, Florida, at Concordia Lutheran School. The name of the company comes from the location where she demonstrated a specific but simple process of keeping the world interesting to students. With humor she was able to direct students' attention away from the tedium so often associated with class work and regained the child's wide-eyed view of the exciting world which we all know is there.

After designing several packaged programs for possible publication and sending them off to more than a dozen publishers, the result was, well, predictable. The solution was self publishing.

After relocating to Jacksonville, Florida, in 1988, (she is originally from this city) Scottie accepted several teaching positions in elementary and high schools. She stopped formal  teaching in 1994 and wrote her first book in the Freddie's Follies collection - If My Aunt Had Wheels.

A virtual deluge of writing followed, with the total number of titles now standing at 49. She has accepted work from other teachers and either publishes or simply markets their creations. Other interests now include self help missions from third world countries. Scottie carries items from Ten Thousand Villages and Serrv. These items allow teachers to carry realia into the classroom so that interest in cultures can be stimulated or maintained.

Scottie attends between 8 and 14 conventions a year in order to provide teachers with easy access to her materials. You will find that these materials will be quite easy to use and refreshing for the students.

G. Paul Fredrickson


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