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Culture activities - French worksheets

De la tour au tap-tap

Are you ready for a treat? Experience this journey through the Francophone World! This unique book is similar to the already-successful From Castles to Cowboys, but takes you from mainland France to enchanting African forests and sunny Pacific isles! This manual has all the fun of its predecessor - flags, maps, and coats-of-arms - together with hard-to-find information about our French-speaking neighbors. 

De la tour au tap-tap #FB-50 $19.60

Culture activities - English worksheets

From Towers to Tap-Taps

Provides the same worksheets and games, but is written in English for the beginning and elementary students. Don’t let your students miss the fun!

From Towers to Tap-Taps #EB-52 $19.60

Games and activities for the classroom

Over-Tête Transparency Games

Patterns and instructions for producing ten fun-filled games for full class participation. Themes include parts of the body, animals, family, and general vocabulary. Books contain black-line masters for making game boards, tokens, and worksheets. Transparency films are not included. (Some assembly required.)

Over-Tête Transparency Games #FB-12 $14.95 each

Games and activities for the classroom

A Drill Sergeant's Guide to Fun French

A fun-filled collection of eleven instructional games and related activities that transform the ho-hum classroom into a lively experience. Included are black-line masters for game cards, game boards, related worksheets and more!

A Drill Sergeant's Guide to Fun French #FB-38 $14.95 each

Illustrated proverb posters, quizzes, booklets and bookmarks

Maxim Million

A set of black-line masters for posters, quizzes, student booklets and bookmarks based on the use of proverbs. Excellent for use in a FLES classroom, or with any students young at heart. Also included are indices of proverbs appropriate for use in a classroom, with thematic reference guides.

Maxim Million #FB-34 $14.95 each

Proverb activities for the non-beginner

Frank Wisdom

This entertaining publication is a collection of activities, worksheets and games for the non-beginner, especially level II and above. Based on the use of proverbs, these activities blend with any curriculum and provide an educational and cultural approach to language learning. Also included are indices of proverbs appropriate for use in a classroom, with thematic reference guides.

Frank Wisdom #FB-33 $14.95 each

Vocabulary-building activities

Bingo and More!

There's more to Bingo than a farmer's dog! This collection of worksheets, game boards and flashcards offers a variety of Bingo variations and other activities. Included are ten two-part lessons with instructions and blackline masters for loads of fun! Themes include school, food, fruits & vegetables, household items and professions.

Bingo and More en français! #FB-43 $14.95 each

Vocabulary-building activities

More Bingo and More!

This book offers more themes for Bingo fun. Formatted like the original, this collection includes themes of parts of the body, clothing, locations, transportation and sports.

Bingo and More en français! #FB-44 $14.95 each

Posters for the classroom

Sign Us Up for French!

A collection of sixty-seven reproducible posters of common expressions in everyday language. Instructions are included for duplicating and enlarging these comic illustrations of daily and seasonal situations. The illustrated designs are useful for teachers of all levels who understand the need for constant visual reinforcement for today's learner. Included are holiday expressions, daily must-use expressions such as "May I go to my locker?" and "My dog ate it." as well as motivational comments such as "On your mark, get set, go!" and "Help!".

Sign Us Up for French! #FB-31 $14.95 each

Puzzles for the older student

Sir Moe Cashay

A delightful collection of twenty-five illustrated word search puzzles for the older beginning language student (grades five through nine/ten). Each of these reproducible puzzles bears a theme, such as clothing, professions, or vehicles, and a hidden message: when all the vocabulary words have been found, the remaining letters spell out a proverb relating to the theme.

Sir Moe Cashay #FB-03 $14.95 each

Puzzles for the younger student

Good Knight!

A collection of twenty-five illustrated word search puzzles for the elementary level (FLES). Designed for the younger student, these reproducible puzzles are also thematically arranged, but the hidden words appear in a left-to-right orientation only. Themes include school, clothing, parts of the body, Christmas and others. Like the secondary edition, each puzzle bears a message: when all the words have been found, the remaining letters complete a proverb.

Good Knight! #FB-04 $14.95 each

The Wilder Side

A collection of illustrations for use in individual, paired and group activities in the language classroom. Oliver Wilder's drawings are spirited and creative, with themes appropriate for every level. Suggestions for application are provided.

The Wilder Side #BK-20 $14.95 each

Notepads - These delightful little note pads will provide that perfect eye-catcher for your memos. Each of these colorful 60-page pads includes ten different designs of illustrated wisdom, and measures 3¾" × 4¼". Available in a variety of bright and pastel colors. *Specify language: Spanish, French, German, Latin, Portuguese, and English. #NP- "Language" $1.50 each Mix and match! Purchase 5 or more pads in any language or combination @ $1.35 each!


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