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Latin Materials



Activities, worksheets and puzzles

Bread and Circuses

An entertaining-yet-educational collection of handouts designed to appease the masses in a Latin classroom. Included in this manual are reproducible masters of wordsearch puzzles, professional sports activity sheets, proverb worksheets, and bookmarks.

Bread and Circuses #LB-27 $14.95


Posters, worksheets and quizzes

Post Scripts

A collection of forty-eight reproducible posters of Latin expressions for classroom displays. Designed to entertain and educate, these will brighten the walls of any classroom. Unit worksheets and quizzes are also included.

Post Scripts #LB-06 $14.95


Posters, worksheets and quizzes

Keep Me Posted!

A second group of forty-eight reproducible posters of Latin expressions for classroom displays. Unit worksheets and quizzes are also included.

Keep Me Posted! #LB-10 $14.95


Activities and Assessments

Go for the Goals

Applicable to any language at any level, this book is filled with teacher-ready units which integrate the National Foreign Language Goals and Multiple Intelligences. The nineteen communicative units, which deal with a variety of topics such as travel, love and marriage, fashion, and celebrities, will actively involve your students in learning and using the language. Each unit contains teacher directions, student handouts, suggested activities for each of the intelligences and a variety of assessments. Written by Patricia Randolph, Roberta Slaughter and Patricia Sulu.

Go for the Goals #BK-2004 $14.95


The Wilder Side

A collection of illustrations for use in individual, paired and group activities in the language classroom. Oliver Wilder's drawings are spirited and creative, with themes appropriate for every level. Suggestions for application are provided.

The Wilder Side #BK-20 $14.95 each


Notepads - These delightful little note pads will provide that perfect eye-catcher for your memos. Each of these colorful 60-page pads includes ten different designs of illustrated wisdom, and measures 3" 4". Available in a variety of bright and pastel colors. *Specify language: Spanish, French, German, Latin, Portuguese, and English. #NP- *Language $1.50 each. Mix and match! Purchase 5 or more pads in any language or combination @ $1.35 each!


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